Industrial management assistant with additional qualification - International business management with foreign languages (f/m)

Roles and responsibilities in overview

Industrial management assistants sell the organisation's products and services. Their role extends from analysing market potential to customer service for marketing activities. In materials management, they are responsible for all tasks from comparing quotations through purchasing negotiations with suppliers to goods acceptance and storage. In production management, they plan, manage and monitor the production of goods and services and create order documentation. In sales, they put together costings and price lists and conduct sales negotiations with customers. In relation to accounting and financial management, they compile, enter up and check transactions in the course of business. They identify personnel requirements, use instruments for personnel recruitment and deploy personnel.

The role of the industrial management assistant with additional qualification in international business management with foreign languages (IWM) is mainly based in Export/Import and Controlling.

For the role of the IWM industrial management assistant, you must be familiar with the commercial and legal background of the countries concerned, must have a good command of the languages (English and French/Spanish) and be able to use modern communication media.

IWM industrial management assistants work in different branches of business, industries and organisations. Their work is predominantly office-based.


  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification
  • General qualification for university entrance

Training content

  • Structure and organisation of the apprenticeship
  • Health and safety at work
  • Environmental protection
  • Organisational procedures, information and communication (incl. the use of information and communication systems, data protection and data backup)
  • Use of foreign languages in your specialisms
  • Procurement and provisioning: Requirements analysis and materials planning, order fulfilment, supply inventory and stock keeping
  • Service accounting: Cost accounting and results accounts, accounting procedures, income statement and balance sheet
  • Service delivery: Products and services, process support
  • Personnel: Framework conditions and personnel planning, personnel services, vocational training
  • Sales and marketing Order entry and preparation, order processing, order postprocessing and service
  • Each with emphasis on import and export activities


  • Basics of metalworking and electrical installations
  • On-the-job training
  • Participation in JTK - Junior Trading Künzelsau

Additional qualifications

  • Additional subjects: International economics and business administration with controlling, 2 foreign languages (English, with Spanish or French depending on requirements)
  • Within company: Work abroad within the organisation in second year of apprenticeship

Length of apprenticeship

  • 2½ years

Future roles

  • Administrator in one of the commercial areas of the organisation

Further training opportunities (in-service)

  • Management assistant for procurement/organisation/marketing/personnel
  • Accountant
  • Industrial specialist
  • Technical specialist
  • MBA
  • Foreign language correspondent
  • Assessor aptitude test
  • Specialist courses and workshops