Technical Product Designer (f/m)

Roles and responsibilities in overview

In their role as a draughtsperson, technical product designers nowadays mainly create drawings for manufacturing systems, as well as associated documentation such as parts lists for production, on computer using CAD systems.

Based on the specifications, technical product designers produce designs or detailed plans, e.g. for machine tools or construction and assembly plans for fans. These drawings may be highly complex and require specialist knowledge of metalworking and manufacturing systems.

Individual components often need to be shown for production with all the necessary dimensions, or an entire unit or a drive motor when assembled from various perspectives.

Employees must observe drawing standards in their work and plot appropriate dimensions for production and assembly. It may also be necessary to calculate dimensions and specific values at times.

The role also maintains and administers the different drawing versions for a project and securely saves the relevant data. They are required to keep clear computer records of their drawing data at all times. They will confer with the different departments in the company (e.g. where drawings are required by the sales department) and gather additional information based on working documents.


  • Intermediate secondary education

Training content

  • Fundamentals of technical drawing
  • Working with traditional drawing tools, e.g. drawing board, compass, technical pens
  • Creating technical drawings, sketches and plans
  • Computer aided drawing (CAD - Computer Aided Design)
  • Fulfilling detailed designs
  • Creating technical documentation using PC programs
  • Carrying out technical calculations
  • Organisation and communication within the company
  • Producing workpieces and fitting them to assemblies
  • Fundamentals of electrical installations
  • Basic training in pneumatics
  • Additional on-the-job tuition

Length of apprenticeship

  • 3½ years, including 14 months workshop training – there is the option of shortening the apprenticeship

Future roles

  • CAD draughtsman
  • Administrator in design office

Further training opportunities (in-service)

  • Accredited draughtsperson
  • State-accredited draughtsperson
  • Assessor aptitude test
  • Specialist courses and workshops
  • Technical specialist