• Schriftzug "RetrofitBlue"
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Modernization of a ventilation system from 1996 by 18 highly efficient ZAcube fan systems. Nine fans on the supply air side and nine fans on the exhaust side as a fan formation in parallel operation.



  • Annual cost savings of €10,577 per year (€0.15 per kWh)
  • Annual savings of 70,512 kWh
  • Reduction of power consumption from 78 kW to 55 kW - reduction by 29%
  • Amortization of newly installed fans: 1.7 years
  • Amortization of the entire renovation measure: 2.7 years (including installation work)
  • Co² saving: 40.1 tonnes/year
  • Volume flow reserve 12%
  • Guaranteed redundancy (two fans) without volume flow loss
  • Fans can be easily brought in through the staircase without tools, etc.
  • Very easy handling, easy installation (a ZAcube unit only weighs 53 kg)
  • Stepless controllability of installed ECblue fans
  • Reduced operating noise - no silencers required
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Significantly improved flow conditions
  • Fast refurbishment