Bachelor of Science (DH) Applied Computer Science (f/m)

Roles and responsibilities in overview

The Applied Computer Science degree course provides a good technical grounding with the focus on software engineering and application development.
During the theory phase at university the focus is primarily on working on a project basis so that the theoretical content covered can be used and deepened in practice. In addition to the core areas of computer science (algorithms and database structures, operating systems, databases and programming languages), the course also teaches the design, development and maintenance of software systems, software development processes and project management.
Typical roles for computer scientists include the analysis, design, development and maintenance of complex software and information systems and the organisation and handling of IT projects.


  • General qualification for university entrance

Training content, practical phase

  • Software and system development
  • Metrological laboratory
  • Control engineering
  • Controlling
  • On-the-job training

Training content, study phase

  • Programming language
  • Databases
  • Software ergonomics
  • Operating systems
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical installations
  • Project management

Length of apprenticeship

  • 3 years

Alternating semesters

  • The six study semesters are split into theoretical and practical training phases, study at the Duale Hochschule Mosbach (Mosbach University for dual study) and practical training at ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, each lasting 12 weeks

Future roles

  • Metrological laboratory
  • IT department
  • Software development
  • Control engineering

Further training opportunities (in-service)

  • Assessor aptitude test
  • Specialist courses and workshops

Further information