Warehousing Specialist for Warehouse Logistics (f/m)

Roles and responsibilities in overview

The profession of warehousing specialist replaces the packaging technologist apprenticeship. Warehousing specialists are responsible for the acceptance, proper storage and distribution of goods in the company. They are also responsible for checking the delivered goods and for handling complaints. The warehousing specialist also assembles deliveries on the basis of dispatch lists, packages the products and prepares the necessary shipping documents. In other words, the role has responsibility for overseeing the passage of goods into and out of the organisation. The warehousing specialist works closely with the goods inward and goods outward department, the warehouse, dispatch, production and quality assurance. Records of items and their movements are kept electronically to give a clear overview of the level of stock and storage locations at all times. In addition to this, the expert in warehouse logistics has an administrative role, e.g. logistics planning and organisational processes.


  • Secondary school education (warehousing specialist)
  • Secondary school certificate (expert in warehouse logistics)

Training content

  • Quality assurance measures
  • Organisation, communication and information
  • Logistics processes
  • Goods acceptance, warehousing and dispatch
  • Freight security subject to statutory requirements
  • Internal transport
  • Warehouse management

Length of apprenticeship

  • 2 years (warehousing specialist)

Those who do particularly well can complete the "expert in warehouse logistics" apprenticeship in a further year.

  • 3 years (expert in warehouse logistics)

Future roles

  • Acceptance, inspection and logging delivered goods in the system
  • Packaging and supplying goods
  • Drawing up shipping documents
  • The "expert in warehouse logistics" has an additional administrative role

Further training opportunities (foundation for expert in warehouse logistics)

  • Logistics foreperson
  • Industrial MBA
  • Business administrator and industrial MBA in many different specialisms