Owl wing

The idea of transposing insights from nature or organic processes into technical products was not one the ZIEHL-ABEGG development department plucked out of nowhere. Nature has had millions of years to produce perfection through process of time. Pondering on this led our developers to consider the silent flight of a barn owl, partly in relation to the blade shape of the FE2owlet fan. This nocturnal hunter sweeps down noiselessly to take its prey by surprise. Cellular, serrated primary flight feathers on the front and tiny hairs on top of the wing enable it to do this by preventing the sound of air flow during flight.

These significant insights were incorporated into the new wing profile that has a sickle-bladed, serrated edge finish, bringing about the globally unique blade design of today. This revolutionary development impresses with incredibly efficient flow behaviour, substantially larger air volumes and remarkably less noise emissions than for comparable fans.