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Social responsibility

Our social responsibility extends to all areas of our corporate life. This forms part of our day-to-day work and has a long tradition in the organisation. This comes as no surprise since, rather than a duty, social responsibility has always been seen as a declared concern and wish from 1910 under the company founder Emil Ziehl right up to the present day where ZIEHL-ABEGG is managed by a board.

For example, we uphold the following values within the constraints of the business:

  • Excellent conditions of employment for our employees and a positive working environment that extends beyond the workplace.
  • The responsible use and conservation of natural resources.
  • Increased production of the latest ultra-efficient high-tech products to reduce emissions.
  • Promote sustainable thinking, community involvement and campaigns for blue technology (ZIEHL-ABEGG) to bring about a cleaner world for succeeding "Blue Year" generations.


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    What drives us and moves us

Projects and concepts we are involved in

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The blue year

As a medium-sized organisation with production centres around the world, we are concerned that the development and manufacturing processes for our products should be environmentally compatible and be designed to contribute to a better future for all.

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ZP Primary School – India

Help where help is needed. ZIEHL-ABEGG India sets a good example. Following the successful and innovative launch of the business in India, the ZIEHL-ABEGG team decided to get involved in this initiative so they could give something back to the community. The first step for ZIEHL-ABEGG India started with a visit to a school for disadvantaged children on the outskirts of the city of Pune on 1 February 2014.

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Help from around the world

ZIEHL-ABEGG managers from around the world worked with apprentices in the Albert-Schweitzer Children's Village to repair play equipment, lay paving slabs, paint houses and carry out repairs. A spontaneous, unusual and admirable use of a motivated team from ZIEHL-ABEGG.