Properties & special features:

Permanent excited gearless machine for traction sheave cable elevators.
The flat design as well as the mounting of the machine on the guiding rails allows optimum shaft dimensions.
The type-tested brake can be used as a safety device to prevent uncontrolled upwards cabin movement and unintended cabin movement from the landing.

Applications and uses

  • Payload up to 1125 kg
  • Speed up to 2,5 m/s
  • Traction sheave diameter of 400 mm and 480 mm
  • Modernization and new installations with disc motors

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  • Payload: up to 675 kg (2:1)
  • Speed: up to 1,6 m/s
  • Axle load: up to 1800 kg
  • Traction sheave: 400 mm


  • Payload: up to 1125 kg (2:1)
  • Speed: up to 2,5 m/s
  • Axle load: up to 2400 kg
  • Traction sheave: 480 mm


  • ZIEHL-ABEGG-Catalogue-Drive-Technology-for-elevators-2020-english.pdf
    Drive Technology (15 MB)
    for elevators 2020 edition
  • ZIEHL-ABEGG-Brochure-RETROFITBLUE-modernisation-of-elevator-systems-english.pdf
    High-tech modernisation of elevator systems
    with disc rotor motor in 2 stages