ECblue external rotor motor

Product specification:

  • Electronically commutated external rotor motor with integrated ECblue controller
  • Meets requirements for efficiency class IE5 (IEC60034-30-2)
  • Power range 0.10 to 6 kW
  • Voltage ranges 1~200-277V 50/60Hz, 3~200-240V 50/60Hz and ~380-480V 50/60Hz
  • Integrated motor protection, active temperature management
  • Interference emission EN 61000-6-3
  • Interference immunity EN 61000-6-2
  • Degree of protection IP20, IP54, IP55
  • Approvals: UL
  • Integrated connectivity available
  • Bluetooth optional

Properties & special features:

  • High-efficiency energy-saving motor thanks to innovative ECblue motor technology
  • ZAcode interface
  • Compact and modular design
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Flexible customer interface, easy expansion
  • UL approval as standard


  • ECblue_high-efficiency_motors_2015-02-01_INT_en.pdf
    EC blue high-efficiency motors (2 MB)
    The complete range for axial and centrifugal fans
  • ZIEHL-ABEGG-Flyer-ECblue-with-smart-motor-technology-englisch.pdf
    Flyer ECblue with smart motor technology (5 MB)