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The best program to help you to configure our drive package for your elevator. Using your input, ZAlift selects the perfect combination of drive motor and frequency inverter.
ZAlift additionally offer great features to ease your design work for installation, operation and acceptance.


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ZAlift functions

  • Component selection for drive package:
    • Gearless elevator machine ZAtop
    • Gearless elevator machine ZAsyn
    • Elevator mashines with gearbox
    • ZAdyn frequency inverter
    • ZArec power feedback unit
  • Calculation for acceptance:
    • Traction conditions in conformity with EN81
    • Stopping distance as per EN81-20
    • Elevator energy efficiency class calculation in conformity with VDI 4707
  • Information for installation:
    • Output and power requirement calculation
    • Rope weight
  • Comprehensive rope database
  • Backup of your calculation data