ZAwheel® axle drive module
The next generation

Product specification:

Gearless, electrically driven low-floor axle with integrated water-cooled in-wheel hub motors (single-wheel motor) for use in serial hybrid or fully electric vehicles. 

Properties & special features:

    • Low-floor axle with brake system, V-Rods, L-Rods, suspension arms
    • Sensors for KITAS bus speed, ABS / EBS
    • 13,000 kg axle load
    • Use as rear axle or central axle
    • A structurally wider central aisle of up to 880 mm is possible on urban buses

    Applications and uses:

    • Serial hybrid, battery or fuel cell commercial vehicles (class M3)
    • Urban, airport, sightseeing and double-decker buses
    • Rear axle drive module for rigid buses
    • Rear axle and centre axle drive module for articulated buses
    • Useable in new vehicles or in retrofit solutions


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        ZAwheel® (2 MB)
        Efficient, noiseless and 100% emission-free -
        the gearless electric in-wheel hub drivetrain for
        city, airport, sightseeing and double-decker buses