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8 percent growth thanks to commitment and innovation

Company in general

Ziehl-Abegg posts sales of 484 million Euros – number of employees rises to a good 3550

Sales at the fan and motor manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg grew in 2016 to 484 million Euros (previous year: 447 million Euros). “Global and economic policy framework conditions have been more than difficult but we have succeeded in more than asserting our position in the markets", says CEO Board Peter Fenkl, commenting on the preliminary figures. The significant growth was facilitated by new products, improved logistics and a greater commitment to sales and service.

“The pure sales figures, which are up by about 8 percent, are the one side but the other is the personal contact, talks with suppliers and customers” explains Fenkl. That is the reason why sales and service have been strengthened. One example of this is the opening of a branch in Dubai last year for ventilation and drive technology. Fenkl: "We are providing more local support for our customers all over the world”.

The fact that exports account for a more than 75 percent share of sale shows where the growth is coming from: whilst business in Germany, which is at a high level, has risen slightly, the bulk of the increase is coming from the other European countries. Sales in the countries on the American continents also have reported above-average increases. "Asia has also performed well but is no longer showing the same dynamic of previous years," emphasises Fenkl.

The increase in sales is largely attributable to new products. The radial fan Cpro, which was first unveiled to customers six years ago, has once again also reported a nearly 50 percent rise in the year just past. Demand for the compact fan unit ZAplus, which has been on the market for five years, was in fact up by 56 percent last year. And even the most recent fan, ZAbluefin, which utilised the knowledge gained from studies of the body shape of the humpback whale, also got off to a very good start. “As such, we have further underlined our expertise as a technology leader in the field of bionics" stressed the Chief Executive. But Ziehl-Abegg is also doing well in conventional motor construction: the energy-saving ECblue motors are key drivers in our success as they are used in a number of products. Sales of the current control device for elevator drives (ZAdyn4) are also 47 percent higher than the previous year.  

One trend intensified in 2016: customers are looking for products which have a wide performance range but are simple to operate. “That’s why we have received a great deal of encouragement for our consistent operating concept which extends beyond motors, fans, and controllers" underlines Fenkl. This means that installation and service must be carried out faster and safer for the OEMs and their customers.

The number of employees at Ziehl-Abegg has risen to more than 3550 (previous year: 3450); the five Hohenlohe plants employ are good 2000 people (previous year: 1950). The company traditionally publishes no information on profits.

In the years to come, rising energy prices and statutory regulations will also compel end customers to use increasingly more efficient products for new plants and to modernise old ones. Particularly in Central Europe and specifically in Germany the issue of retrofitting will dominate the next few years. “Ziehl-Abegg is therefore very positive about the outlook for 2017” says the CEO, in summarising the indications of the first few weeks of the year.