HYDT high-voltage suboil motor

Product specification:

Motors in the HYDT series from drive specialist ZIEHL-ABEGG provide customised solutions for special applications that rely on the particularly high output density and low weight of the drive unit. The motor is designed as a stator rotor unit without housing or mounting to allow it to be easily integrated into your application without taking up too much space.

Properties & special features:

Cooling is provided by seawater on the housing itself or by a separate oil cooler. Since it is filled with oil there is no need for a pressure-resistant housing even at great water depths. The version for high-voltage applications allows for small wire cross sections, which provides many benefits particularly for long supply lines.

  • Output up to 280 kW
  • Voltage 3000 V DC
  • 2 and 4 pole
  • Higher output or higher voltage on request.