Product specification:

Bionic, low-noise blade for universal use. Following the example of the owl this blade is provided with a serrated trailing edge and a winglet for maximum noise reduction. Available dimensions 250 - 1,250 mm, volume flow rates up to 52,000 m³/h and static pressure increase up to 418 Pa.

Properties & special features:

  • Low operating costs due to optimum efficiency with minimum noise emissions
  • High flexibility due to 100% speed controlled volume flow rate
  • Very smooth running and high durability due to dynamic balancing on 2 levels
  • Compact dimensions for every installation situation
  • Numerous approvals (incl. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)

Motor concepts:

External rotor motors:

  • ECblue EC technology with integrated controller matched to the fan
  • AC technology


  • Catalogue-Axial-fans-main-catalogue-2016.pdf
    Axial fans main catalogue (27 MB)
    2016 edition
  • ZIEHL-ABEGG-Flyer-FE3owlet-english.pdf
    FE3owlet (1 MB)