Quality & certifications

Our products fulfil extremely high quality standards, are manufactured at our own production sites, are inspected to ensure they are of the highest quality and are certified by independent test institutes. Each individual product leaves our factory following a stringent quality control process after which they can be given the distinction "The Royal League".

Products are certified with the "Premium Efficiency" quality seal for their outstanding environmental performance.

Premium Quality and Premium Efficiency seal

The distinction of the Royal League represents the highest of quality standards

Ventilation systems

  • Directive_2014_34_EU_ATEX_2016-07-06_EN.pdf
    Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) (336 KB)
  • EG-Typgenehmigungsbogen_2014-01-2014_DE_de.pdf
    EC type-approval certificate as per Directive 72/245/EEC (2 MB)
  • Zulassung_gemäß_DIN_EN_15085-2_CL1_2015-01-09_INT_en.pdf
    DIN EN ISO 15085-2 certificate (281 KB)
  • Zulassung_gemäß_DIN_EN_ISO_3834-2_2012-12-03_INT_en.pdf
    DIN EN ISO 3834-2 certificate (188 KB)
  • CCC-Zertifikat_Einphasenmotor_2015-10-22_DE_cn.pdf
    Single-phase motor CCC certificate (2 MB)
  • CCC-Zertifikat_Dreiphasenmotor_2015-10-22_DE_cn.pdf
    Three-phase motor CCC certificate (2 MB)
  • ISO_9001_2015_HU_en.pdf
    Certificate (414 KB)
    ZIEHL-ABEGG Motor-és Ventillátorgyártó Kft
    ISO 9001:2015


  • Genehmigung_für_ein_Antriebssystem_nach_Regelung_Nr.85_2013-06-18_DE_de.pdf
    Approval granted of a drive train pursuant to Regulation No. 85 (145 KB)
  • Genehmigung_Kraftfahrtbundesamt_2014-05-20_DE_de.pdf
    Approval Kraftfahrtbundesamt (186 KB)