Use FANselect offline

Do you want to use FANselect without accessing the internet?
No problem, use FANselect offline. Download FANselect-portable or connect FANselect to your own selection program now. How?

  • Download FANselect-portable or FANselect-DLL
  • Save your selection in a folder
  • Use FANselect (please perform a web update to ensure you are using the latest version)


ZIEHL-ABEGG enables you to use "FANselect" offline in three ways:

  • FANselect-portable
    This is the 100% portable version of FANselect suitable for offline use. As no installation is needed, FANselect-portable can simply be put on a USB stick where it offers you the same functions as FANselect-WEB.
  • FANselect-DLL
    This is the FANselect DLL version. FANselect-DLL does not have a graphical user interface and offers many new functions in a new command structure that can be used in ZIEHL-ABEGG customers' selection programs.
  • Add-on package for FANselect-DLL
    The add-on package supplements the basic version of FANselect-DLL with detailed product descriptions of our fans in different languages, with product images and dimension drawings. After downloading and unzipping the add-on package in the FANselect folder, the content in our DLL will be available to you. You can use this content and the related functions in your application.


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  • FANselect portable (224 MB)
    FANselect V 1.01 (180116) (
    AMCA V 1.01 May, 2015
  • FANselect DLL (42 MB)
    FANselect V 1.01 (180116) (
    AMCA V 1.01 May, 2015
  • Add-on package FANselect-DLL (129 MB)
    FANselect V 1.01(170424)(
    AMCA V 1.01 May, 2015