• Nahaufname blauer Ventilator

ZAmid® Technology

We specifically developed the innovative ZAmid® high performance composite material for the extremely demanding requirements of our bionically modelled fans. The specific combination of raw materials used for the high performance composite material is key to this. The newly developed ZAmid® material is incredibly lightweight while exhibiting extremely high metallic strength. This helps to reduce the overall weight while ensuring maximum rigidity when the fans are operating at high speed and are subject to large centrifugal forces.

blauer Radialventilator


The ZAmid® technology allows us to manufacture our fans using a highly complex seamless one-shot injection moulding tool specifically developed for this purpose. Fans such as the Cpro with ZAmid® technology are suitable for all types of use in application temperatures comparable to those for a steel impeller. Further benefits include: Reduction in rotation noise by up to 5 dB (3 dB = physically halved), corrosion-free, colour fastness, no toxic gases released and up to 100% recyclable.