Product specification:

Ventilation units GR with motor housing made of galvanised sheet steel. Module comprises free running C-impeller made of aluminium with 7 backward curved blades in sizes 315 to 450 mm built on the ECblue motor. Inlet nozzle with measuring device for air flow measurement. Volume flow rates up to approx. 11,200 m³/h free blowing, max. static pressure increase up to 1,800 Pa.

Properties & special features: 

Impeller with rotating, non-fluted diffusor for high efficiency levels and favourable acoustic characteristics. 

By means of the ECblue motor housing and housing connection to fresh air, medium temperatures of up to 80 °C are possible with just one pipe connection. The ECblue is also very well protected by the ZAventero housing against soiling, such as grease.

The ZAventero has the same fastening points as a standard ventilation unit GR. During assembly, only one pipe connection has to be made for the fresh air supply. The connection to the suction side of the ZAventero takes place via module braces.

Motor concepts:

External rotor motors:

  • ECblue EC technology with integrated controller matched to the fan



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    New star exhaust fan of the latest generation for even more efficiency and performance