With our specialised fans we perfect every maturing technology and offer a ripening performance for every master of the art of ripening. The technological advantage of ZIEHL-ABEGG fans is immediately noticeable, most recently when fruit ripening results need to be achieved with pinpoint accuracy, e.g. in banana ripening. The blade angles, which have already been set at the factory for specific applications, coupled with the latest intelligent ECblue motor technology, ensure the fan a high degree of efficiency and at the same time considerable savings in operating costs. The possibility to flexibly adjust the air direction (reversible), e.g. with MAXvent, results in a first-class and uniform ripening result. Thanks to the air supply in the ripening chamber, which is permanently distributed exactly right above and between the fruits, an optimal climate is always guaranteed.

Remote monitoring:
Reliable measuring technology and the possibility of remote monitoring allow you to participate in any process or change in the ripening chamber and keep energy, climatic conditions and ventilation under control. ZIEHL-ABEGG fans provide the best climatic conditions and ventilation with the lowest possible energy consumption and achieve first-class desired results in fruit ripening and preservation.


You can find the future of state-of-the-art surveillance here:

Intelligent functions – worldwide control

Use the intelligent functions of our fans to monitor everything with a single click, from a single location. We create the opportunity for you.

Equipped with highly intelligent sensors, the new motor technology is the transparent heart of our high-tech fans. This gives you and your customers access to the high-security data rooms of our ZAbluegalaxy, the cloud-based IIoT platform for a new intelligent company overview of all products, systems and processes used worldwide. The high-class equipment of the ECblue motor includes an integrated MODBUS communication as well as the optional Bluetooth connection and thus the possibility of predictive maintenance and other helpful functions, which in the ZAbluegalaxy leads to the design of new and more efficient product support and the development of new resources.

Modernising old ripening chambers with the latest ZIEHL-ABEGG technology

Modernisation for climate-friendly, energy-saving and highly efficient ripening chambers begins here

Plant manufacturers and operators should not do without these advantages. With our RETROFITBLUE programme, we modernise every ripening chamber with a few targeted measures to meet the future in state-of-the-art ripening centres. We perfect without major conversions to the latest state-of-the-art technology. 

ZIEHL-ABEGG fans not only reduce energy costs but also maintenance costs. First-class, reliable ripening results, quiet operation and low costs with the latest RETROFITBLUE fan technology for every need.