EVAC evacuation unit

Properties and special features:

The EVAC 3C evacuation unit monitors the elevator system supply network. If one or more supply phases fail, the frequency inverter is disconnected from the supply network. At the same time the elevator control system is informed about the mains failure. The battery power supply is then connected with a time delay.

The EVAC 3C evacuation unit switches the frequency inverter to emergency mode and the elevator is able to perform one run in either direction at reduced speed.

This avoids the need for lengthy, complicated rescue operations by external personnel
to free trapped persons.

Applications and uses:

  • Cable elevators with asynchronous or synchronous motors
  • Evacuation speed > 0.1 m/s
  • Nominal current up to 74 A
  • Nominal output up to 37 kW


  • For wall mounting in machine room or the elevator shaft
  • 230 V / 50 Hz power supply for elevator control system, door drive, motor brake and cabin lighting
  • Lead gel 120 V and 180 V battery sets for different travelling speeds
  • Evacuation mode up to 60 min


  • EVAC_3_2011-04-01_INT_en.pdf
    EVAC 3 (2 MB)
    Evacuation units for elevators
  • ZIEHL-ABEGG-Catalogue-Drive-Technology-for-elevators-2020-english.pdf
    Drive Technology (15 MB)
    for elevators 2020 edition