Product specification:

Speed-controlled fan system for adequate ventilation of silo grain for longer-term storage in a variety of silo systems. Adequate ventilation of silo grain is indispensable for storing the stored grain dried and cooled, thus reducing the risk of germination and insect infestation.

The ZAsilo fan system with welded and coated spiral housing consists of a Cpro impeller made of high performance composite material in sizes 250 to 400 mm, built on the ECblue motor.

Volume flow rates up to 10,000 m³/h free blowing, static pressure increase up to 2,600 Pa possible.

Thanks to the available rain shield and sunroof in combination with intake protection, the ZAsilo is ideal for outdoor use directly on the silo.

Properties & special features:

Stable, impeller-optimised spiral housing made of sheet steel, welded and coated. 

Impeller with rotating diffusor for extremely high efficiency levels and favourable acoustic characteristics. Reduced tonal noise as a result of special 3D blade geometry.

The spiral housing in combination with rain shield and sunroof as well as intake protection is specially designed for unprotected outdoor use. With the optional animal protection for electronics package, the ZAsilo can be used safely in outdoor areas.

The 5-speed switch installed directly on the housing enables simple, situation-adapted speed control for grain drying, continuous ventilation, etc. The airtight sealing cover is also optionally available for air intake so that no uncontrolled leakage can occur via the fan in case of gas treatment of the silo content.

Motor concepts:

External rotor motors:

  • ECblue EC technology with integrated controller matched to the fan


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