Company Guidelines

ZIEHL-ABEGG's values and goals over the past 100 years have made us what we are today – The Royal League. Together we will follow the road to success both today and into the future, bringing about the next hundred years of exceptional products and services, developments and technologies.

The guidelines below are in addition to the previous guidelines and they act both now and in the future as the key guidance and standard for our organisational activities and our employees as they go about their daily work in their particular discipline. Always open to new ideas and suggestions with a single goal: Movement by perfection!

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At ZIEHL-ABEGG the customer is king
We foster an open dialogue with our customers based on partnership. We inspire our customers through individual solutions for individual requirements. We believe in acting with fairness, honesty, openness and accountability and we do business in accordance with regulatory requirements. We inspire our customers.

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We are successful because of our employees
We are an organisation that values social responsibility, full of creative individuals who are driven by common values, ideas and goals and who work as part of a team to bring about success. We challenge and encourage our employees and seek to make what is good better every day of the week. Motivation and enjoyment in the work we do forms the foundation for how our qualified employees approach their work and at the same time guarantee our common success – today and into the future. ZIEHL-ABEGG, that's who we are!

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We are leaders in innovation and quality
We demonstrate a pioneering spirit and are always looking ahead. As innovation and quality leaders we continually set new standards in technology, service and design. We take nature as our model and on this basis seek to create perfection and unique new bionic products. We manufacture based on uniform standards wherever we are in the world in ultra-modern and well-kept production sites. Our demanding quality requirements and customer-focused innovations inspire our business partners throughout the world.

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We do business based on partnerships and look to the long term
Enduring success, based on a sound, long-term and independent corporate strategy, is at the forefront of how we do business. We build long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees on the principle of fairness in our mutual relations. This creates confidence and continuity. We think and act ahead of our time to ensure our success tomorrow as well as today.

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We live out care for the environment
We take responsibility for our own generation and the generations to come. Our innovative products save energy and conserve resources, from production through to application. This is guaranteed by our "Premium Efficiency" seal. We are always thinking about tomorrow to help us take effective decisions today. The motivation for our actions is not set out in any standards or guidelines, rather it is down to our sense of responsibility for our world.

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At home with ZIEHL-ABEGG in all parts of the world
We are proud of where we come from. We value cooperation amongst the many nationalities who work for the company around the world. Wherever in the world our products find an application, we are at home. We live out globalisation through local connections. Our basic premise is to: "Think global, act local!" Where our customers lead, we follow: wherever they are in the world. We identify wishes and requirements in the industry at an early stage and serve these needs unconditionally in accordance with our "Premium Quality" and "Premium Efficiency" quality standards - The Royal League.

Our vision
We aspire to the Royal League in all we do. We focus on impressive, trend-setting system solutions for ventilation systems, control engineering and drive technology and aim to continue to be the leading, independent organisation in terms of technology, growth and profitability in our sector. The energy efficient electric motor stands at the centre of our multifaceted product portfolio. We inspire others with ideas for new developments both within and beyond our core sectors. Our pioneering spirit and quest for innovation embraces all processes within the company.