Get your company ready now for a 360° overview of all your networkable devices, from frequency inverters and controllers to complete elevator systems. You and your customers can join ZAbluegalaxy with just one network-capable device. 

The ZAbluegalaxy opens up high-security virtual data rooms that are in a class of their own, specializing in elevator technology. With our smart cloud technologies you get a real-time view of all your networked products at the click of a mouse. Remote monitoring automatically forwards warnings to you by e-mail, SMS or Messenger Service. 

In safe mode you can monitor, communicate with, and analyse in secure mode, using highly intelligent features, all the status of your devices, or those of your customers, worldwide - wherever you are.

Manage the productivity of your elevator system using clearly ranged user interfaces and use powerful digital options such as overview queries on the current status of your elevator (e.g. temperature, vibration, motor parameters) to control information on the predictive maintenance and performance of your products or those of your customers.  

With just one click you have an overview of all your networked devices, their condition and processes, conveniently and clearly from anywhere in the world. 



Convenient information look-up from any location worldwide, for each individual network connect device, in a matter of seconds, for example:

System status
e.g. frequency converter, door drive, elevator control, load measuring device, floor selector

Travel comfort 
e.g. vibration analysis

Statistical data
e.g. number of travels and capacity utilisation of the elevator

Sensor data
e.g. energy consumption, temperature

Predictive maintenance
e.g. detection of wear/reduction of traction


Every networkable device in the elevators

  • Connection and management of gateways, frequency converters, lift controls, door control units, floor sectors, etc.
  • Open standards based on MQTT communication
  • Secure connection and communication
  • Scalable worldwide, starting with a single device
  • Hardware independant cloud connecting for any device with CANopen-Lift communication

All operations of your products, machines and processes

  • Real-time monitoring of device behaviour and presentation of historical data documentation 
  • Automatic alarms on each mobile device (including services if necessary) when set limit values are exceeded
  • View of all findings from individual devices to thousands of devices
  • Permanent checking of the available of equipment and machinery

Gather and analyze information and data

  • Prediction of the running and operational capability of all devices in detail or in the overall view of intelligent observation functions of environmental conditions, e.g. overheating due to solar radiation and much more
  • Gain insights into product behaviour in order to optimise processes and thus generate benefits for better company results

Data storage and reporting

  • Continuously monitor device data in the cloud at any time
  • Log technical malfunctions or defective components that lead to breakdowns
  • Integration of important data from other data sources or even from other IoT platforms
  • Use of advanced data storage functions

Multifunctional options for maximum flexibility and adaptability

  • User administration
  • Customer administration
  • Product administration
  • Alarm management and other notifications viewable on a world-map display that instantly updates
  • Threshold management
  • Alarm notification via e-mail, SMS and Messenger Services

Protected addressing and risk management through special security functions

  • Enforce the required level of security and privacy for the IIoT solution from the device to the network to the cloud and beyond
  • End-to-end high-security capabilities for devices, data and connections
  • Data protection and access control