ErP Directive

The ErP Directive 2009/125/EC sets forth minimum requirements for energy-relevant products in order to adhere to the EU's predefined climate goals. The implementation of these requirements takes place for motors according to regulation (EU) No. 640/2009, and for fans according to (EU) No. 327/2011. Compliance with these efficiency requirements is a prerequisite for these products to acquire the CE-certification. External rotor motors are not affected by the motor regulation.

Most ZIEHL-ABEGG fans exceed the ErP requirements both in AC as well as in EC technology and are well equipped for future requirements.


  • Information-ErP-Directive-2013.pdf
    Information-ErP-Directive-2013.pdf (1 MB)
  • ErP-Data-for-Centrifugal-fans-for-air-handling-units-2011.pdf
    ErP-Data-for-Centrifugal-fans-for-air-handling-units-2011.pdf (752 KB)

Requirements efficiency grade N

Measurement category Axial fan Centrifugal forward curved fan Centrifugal backward curved fan without housing Centrifugal backward curved fan with housing Mixed flow fan Cross flow fan
Tier 1
A, C 36 37 58 58 47
B, D 50 42 61 58 13
Tier 2
A, C 40 44 62 61 50
B, D 58 49 64 62 21

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For motors there is only product information for internal rotor motors made by ZIEHL-ABEGG, for other brands please ask the manufacturer