ZAmon - for optimal operation and diagnosing of elevator systems

ZAmon - desktop

The perfect tool for diagnosing elevator systems and managing device data. 
ZAmon enables fast and simple access to all parameters and functions of ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverters and power feedback units. 

ZAmon - mobile

ZAmon is the perfect tool for operating ZAdyn frequency inverter with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Clearly structured user interfaces with self-explanatory icons, informative texts for each parameter and the online support are perfect preconditions for fast and independant work. 

Funcitons and features

  • Time-optimised commissioning of the elevator system
  • Analysis and optimisation of the elevator system
  • Rapid diagnosis of flaws such as rail joints, door bolt gaps or communication problems with the elevator control system
  • Security and management of parameters
  • Creation of documentation for elevator systems

ZAmon provides the right software module for every application:


  • Remote control of the frequency inverter or power feedback unit via Notebook


  • 4 analog measuring channels
  • 1 digital measuring channel
  • Free assignment of measuring functions to measuring channels
  • Save recordings
  • Compare measurements
  • FFT analysis
  • Mathematical analysis functions


  • Management of parameters
  • Clear overview of menus and parameters
  • Change parameters in real time
  • Save parameters
  • Print parameter lists
  • Print error lists
  • Load saved parameter sets to the frequency inverter or power feedback unit
  • Compare parameters
  • Load system and motor data from calculations created in the ZAlift calculation software


  • Real time recording of travel curves for diagnosis
  • 4 analog measuring channels
  • Free assignment of measuring functions to measuring channels
  • Save recording
  • Remote control of ZETADYN 3 when module is open

Functions and features

Commissioning wizard:

  • The commissioning wizard guides you in simple steps and with explanations through all necessary parameters to an optimum setting of the devices
  • Time for commissioning < 10 minutes


  • Clear summary of menus in function blocks (e.g. function block "Travel Curve")
  • Download, backup and upload of parameter files
  • Reading of the technical data via the QR code on the motor name plate of the ZIEHL-ABEGG machines including the automatic transfer to the parameters file 

Offline parameterisation:

  • Creation and storage of parameter files e.g. in the office or workshop without connection to the device
  • As soon as the connection via ZAmon STICK is available, the transfer of the parameters can be activated


  • Recording and evaluation of travel curves for analysis and diagnostics
    • 4 analogue measuring channels
    • 1 digital measuring channel
    • Backup of recordings
    • FFT-Analysis
    • Mathematical analysis functions


  • Automatic information about the availability of a nwe firmware
  • Firmware update via ZAmon 

Customer service contact:

  • Direct e-mail contact to ZIEHL-ABEGG customer service
  • Automatic collection of all important data and preparation of the e-mail with one click 
  • E-mail via the local e-mail client of the mobile device

Compatibility mobile device: 

  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Requires Adroid version 6 or later

Compatibility ZAdyn:

  • Requires firmware > 4.60 

Downloads for ZAmon - desktop

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Downloads for ZAmon - mobile

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