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This is where the future of all things begins
Special cloud for ventilation, control and drive technology


Get your company ready for a 360° overview of all your networkable devices, from fans and motors to complex elevator systems. You and your customers can join ZAbluegalaxy with just one network-capable device. The ZAbluegalaxy opens up high-security vir tual data rooms that are in a class of their own, specializing in ventilation, control and drive technology.

With our smart cloud technologies you get a real-time view of all your networked products at the click of a mouse. Remote monitoring automatically forwards warnings to you by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.


In safe mode you can monitor, communicate with, and analyse the status of your devices, or those of your customers, worldwide - wherever you are.

Manage productivity and control your devices through a clear user interface with all of the relevant information you need at your finger tips. Some examples of information you can access include current fan status (e.g. temperature, vibration, motor parameters), predictive maintenance information, and the current and past performance of your products or those of your customers.

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With just one click you have an overview of all your networked devices, their condition and processes, conveniently and clearly from anywhere in the world.

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New, high-security data rooms designed for the highest operational performance and ease of use with predictive maintenance tools for even more efficient results, new resources, satisfied customers and more corporate profits in the fields of ventilation, control and drive technology of every industry.

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You want more information before you sign in for ZAbluegalaxy? No problem, we're happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us: zabluegalaxy(at)ziehl-abegg.de 


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